Best Maid Pickle Beer Variety Pack Review

Best Maid Pickle Beer Variety Pack


Welcome back, pickle and beer enthusiasts! Today, we're here to unravel the exciting world of the Best Maid Pickle Beer Variety Pack. This assortment is bound to make your taste buds tingle with delight. In this detailed review, I'll take you through our journey of sampling the four unique flavors within this pickle-infused beer range. So, if you're wondering which one is worth your time and taste, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of Best Maid Pickle Beer.

The Lineup

The Best Maid Pickle Beer Variety Pack is a flavorful quartet of distinct brews, each with its own personality:

  • Bread and Butters Pickled Beer
  • Spicy Pickle Beer
  • Bloody Mary Pickled Beer
  • Chamoy Drip Pickles

My Tasting Experience

Let's dissect my tasting experience for each flavor:

Bread and Butter Pickled Beer: We kicked things off with the Bread and Butter. Instantly, the aroma of pickles was in the air, making our mouths water in anticipation. Upon that first sip, we were pleasantly surprised. The pickle essence was there, but it blended seamlessly with the beer. It's an unconventional combination, but one that works wonders. The result? A refreshing and satisfying beverage that scored an impressive eight out of ten on our rating scale.

Spicy Pickle Beer: Now, here's where things get interesting. The Spicy Pickle Beer brought a real punch to the party. When sipped at a leisurely pace, it was undeniably good. However, attempting to chug this one was akin to a spicy challenge! It hits you hard, and you better be prepared. For those who love a bit of heat, this one is perfect. We rated it an eight out of ten, putting it right up there with the Bread and Butters.

Bloody Mary Pickled Beer: Admittedly, our expectations for the Bloody Mary Pickled Beer were low, given our past experiences with tomato-based brews. However, we were in for a surprise. It didn't quite taste like a typical Bloody Mary, but that wasn't a bad thing. It wasn't as impressive as the others, so we gave it a seven out of ten.

Chamoy Drip Pickles: The star of the show! The Chamoy Drip Pickles Pickle Beer, despite our initial doubts, stole the spotlight. It boasts a unique combination of pickle and Chamoy flavors. The result is a taste explosion in your mouth. Our rating for this one was a strong nine out of ten, and if you decide to elevate the experience by adding Chamoy and Lucas powder, you're in for a perfect ten.

What type of Beer is Best Maid Pickle Beer?

Best Maid Pickle Beer is a unique beer that is infused with the flavors of pickles, making it a type of flavored beer. It's known for its distinctive pickle taste combined with traditional beer elements.

Who Distributes Best Maid Pickle Beer?

Best Maid Pickle Beer is distributed by the Martin House Brewing Company, which is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Are Best Maid Pickles Only Sold in Texas?

Best Maid Pickles, the company behind Best Maid Pickle Beer, is based in Texas, and their products are indeed primarily sold in Texas. However, due to the popularity and demand for their pickles and pickle-related products, you may find them available in select stores or online retailers outside of Texas.

Does Best Maid Pickle Beer have Pickle Juice?

Yes, Best Maid Pickle Beer does contain pickle juice, which contributes to its unique and recognizable pickle flavor. It's a beverage that combines the refreshing qualities of beer with the tangy and briny notes of pickle juice.


In conclusion, the Best Maid Pickle Beer Variety Pack is a refreshing deviation from your typical beer selection. These pickle-infused brews offer a tantalizing twist, especially on a scorching summer day. They're more than just a novelty; they're genuinely enjoyable.

Your taste preferences may differ, so we encourage you to embark on your own pickle beer journey. Even if you're not a fan of pickles or beer, these flavors might pleasantly surprise you. Remember, these beverages are best enjoyed chilled, so keep them cold for the ultimate experience.

Our top recommendation is the Chamoy Drip Pickles Pickle Beer. Its unique blend of flavors and the exciting addition of Chamoy and Lucas powder make it a must-try for adventurous taste buds. If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary, flavorful refreshment, this is the one to go for.

The next time you find yourself in Texas, Georgia, or Florida, be sure to grab a Best Maid Pickle Beer Variety Pack. It's a fun, flavorful, and exciting way to beat the heat and enjoy a beverage that's a true departure from the ordinary. So, raise your glass, and here's to pickling on!

(Note: This review is based on personal experience, and individual taste preferences may vary. Please enjoy responsibly.)